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Help Datacom's consulting arm focus and target innovation conversations with their customers.


A bespoke workshop that allowed participants to explore opportunities for integrating innovation perspectives into their approach and develop a plan for actioning their decisions post-workshop.


Aligned perspectives on the challenge at hand that Datacom and their clients are trying to solve and basic understanding on next steps required to move the project along.



“The Datacom Innovation & Transformation team have engaged Sarah and her company, Reframr, multiple times. We have been delighted with the outcomes and value she and Reframr have added to us and our customers. Sarah is a pragmatic and talented leader, able to facilitate design sessions and guide on strategy and change within the corporate and start-up environments. Sarah spends time listening and building empathy for the business, its customers and its problem or opportunity, then she is able to provide insights and drives action and outcomes that have profound impacts. – I would recommend Sarah without hesitation.”


Paul Keesing - (GM) Innovation Lead, Datacom


The Datacom workshop team

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