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Tauranga City Council (TCC)


Supporting a team of rapid innovators to make the organisation’s ERP system easier to use for staff and improve customer outcomes for service requests.


12-week design challenge, clearly scoped with a mandate to provide an innovative solution. A dedicated team made up of 4 rapid innovators and 2 subject matter experts, supported by REFRAMR’s service design lead.



4 fit for purpose prototypes - across digital, People & Culture and internal Communications - tested and refined with high-level implementation plans and assigned business owners, ready to be progressed by the business.


We involved over 250 participants across all phases of the design process – bringing 25% of the organisation on the journey, sharing innovation behaviours and mindsets and building buy-in for a business-owned new solution.


“If you want someone who can flex their service design muscle and build design capability within your design teams, Sarah is the person for the job! Her ability to lead our team through the challenge phases and extract key insights, themes, and fresh thinking ensured that we designed solutions that were fit for purpose and would have an significant impact on the customer experience. Every member of the team grew their design knowledge and skills, and left with a new set of tools in their toolkit.  Sarah was a valued member of the Lab team, and we would not have achieved the outcomes that we did without her involvement and leadership. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Sarah to organisations that are looking to get to the heart of the customer needs, and design solutions that will add value, create improved services, and build a culture of human centred design within teams.” 


Pip Loader – Manager: Co-Design & Innovation Lab, Tauranga City Council

The Lab Team - Challenege #4.jpg

The TCC challenge team, FLTR: Sarah Clearwater (REFRAMR), Ngaire Heard, Pip Loader, Lynda Burch, James Jacobs, Sam Hema, Tamsin Oliver, Nicola Gunfield.

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